Sean Cody » Bareback » Nathan » Lane

Sean Cody » Bareback » Nathan » Lane

Nathan And Lane (Bareback) Presented By Sean Cody

Scene Description:

“Lane, you are getting quite the reputation around here.” “Oh yeah? In what way?” “For being one of our raunchiest bottoms!” Lane smiled and started to laugh a bit. “I can’t help it! I like it!” Lane really has pushed the envelope and I knew he would help Nathan open up a bit. Nathan has done a couple films, but I always thought there was more to him hiding in there somewhere. “I’m shy at first, but I think I’m slowly getting more comfortable!” “So are you going to let your freak flag fly today?” I asked He smirked a little. “Yeah. I think so!” Nathan definitely did just that. He started to really man up during the film, he even started dirty talking to Lane and ended up really fucking him hard and deep. Lane loved every second of it, and almost came a few times without even touching his dick. “This position is awesome!” He said while Nathan rolled him into a dipstick position. Wait till you see Nathans cum shots! He cream pies Lane for the first one and then fills his hole for the second.

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